Project Run and Play Week 1

It’s time to vote for your favorite look over at Project Run and Play.  Click HERE to vote!

Duchess and Hare project Run and Play Springtime in Britain

The prompt “It’s all about that place – Show us where you would like to travel to, with this destination-inspired outfit for your child.” had my mind racing at first!  I’d love to go to Westeros with all the rich silk and velvet dresses and beautiful embroidery (the politics, not so much.  I’m only there for the fashion).  I’d love to go to Shire!  A place of second breakfast, sunshine, friends and bare feet.   I’d love to travel to one of Jane Austin’s novels and to travel with Elizabeth Bennet to her quaint home in the…ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE!  There I had it.

I grew up with my sister reading Elizabeth Browning Poems to me and, when she gave me a beautifully illustrated copy of Jane Eyre for my 11th birthday, I was hooked by the British authors.  The way they describe the countryside has always been inspiring to me.  So I knew my look would pay homage to that love.

Duchess and Hare Project Run and Play
Each piece was individually drafted to fit my daughter.  The blouse has a collar stand with a tiny ruffle at the top.  The two piece sleeve reminds me of the Victorian Leg o’ Mutton sleeves, but mine is quite a bit slimmer to give it a bit more of a modern feel.  I used my wing needle to add some thread work to the front and sleeves for a soft, feminine feel.

Duchess and Hare project Run and PlayThe blouse is made from lawn in a soft floral print.  I think it had just the right springtime feel to it.  Lawn was perfect for those narrow ruffles at the cuffs and collar.

Duchess and Hare project Run and PlayIn a moment of true serendipity, I found these tiny little buttons in my stash which happened to match perfectly!  One of the rare times that my hoarding actually paid off.

I felt like the blouse was the focal point of the outfit, so I chose to make the skirt simple. It’s a 1/2 circle skirt that falls just below the knee.  I used teal velveteen and absolutely love how rich it looks.  I finished it with a narrow hem which is my preferred method for hemming curves.
Duchess and Hare project Run and PlayBecause no proper English outfit is complete without a hat, I drafted a cloche to round out the look.  The hat has a pleated detail at the side to add some visual interest.  I think it adds just the right touch.
Duchess and Hare project Run and PlayIt’s made from a grey herringbone flannel and lined with the same lawn I used for the blouse.  Even though it doesn’t show, it makes it feel like it belongs.  I really love this hat and kind of want one in my size.

clocheside portrait I wanted a knit to go over everything to add a warm layered look because springtime is often chilly.  I have a confession.  I can’t knit.  I’ve tried multiple times and I just can’t make anything that looks decent.  Lucky for me, my friend DOES knit and she gifted me a lovely chauffe coeur for Christmas.  I’ve been dying to photograph this beautiful piece and it just happened to match this outfit perfectly!  The soft neutral grey complimented the blouse and skirt as if they were made for each other!
croppedfront backEven though it was the most difficult prompt for me, I ended up falling in love with the final look.  Thanks for dropping by!  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite look this week at Project Run and Play.
Duchess and Hare project Run and Play


14 Replies to “Project Run and Play Week 1”

  1. I love the fabrics you chose! Perfect for the theme! Especially the flower print on and the blouse are the perfect match!


  2. The hat is definitely my favorite piece of the collection! The stitching in the shirt is fabulous too! I love your inspiration!


  3. This is really, really beautiful. The hat is absolutely awesome and that blouse is so british. Very well done (as Mr. Great British Sewing Bee would say)


  4. I love this so much, especially the hat!! I’m so impressed you drafted it yourself. I would love to make something like that for my daughter. I grew up loving all the books set in the English countryside as well, and this is just perfect.


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