Project Run and Play Week 2: Greenery

It’s time to vote for your favorite look over at Project Run and Play.  Click HERE to vote!Duchess and Hare Project Run and Play GreeneryOh, green!  My favorite color!  Instantly, I was inspired and sewed this up before anything else – even before I sewed up week 1’s entry.  I knew I had to use my favorite fabric ever.  This Shot Cotton in Moss is amazing.  With green warp and yellow weft, it has such a lovely dimensionality that it instantly reminded me of spring, which is what this inspiration is all about.  My look celebrates the newness of spring with ferns, spring flowers, earth, botanicals and, of course, green.

With the shot cotton as my starting point, I looked for botanical print to really bring the green to life and I luckily found the great lime print from Hawthorne Threads.  I was so pleased when they were a perfect match.

My dress didn’t start with a clear vision, but I knew I wanted the green as an overlay, so to add some interest to the outfit, I drafted it as a high/low circle skirt and sewed it to the bodice.  It’s split down the back and hand draped to mimic a bow at the waist.  The front has been hand smocked and beaded with freshwater pearls.

I also made a necklace that matches the outfit beautifully, I think.  It’s made of moss jasper, glass seed beads and silver findings.  I love how it brings an earthy feel to the whole look and helps balance the dark skirt.

To really bring the whole look together, I also made a floral crown using ferns and yellow ranunculus (which also happens to be one of my favorite flowers.)  I’d never made a crown before and was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out.

My daughter made the pretty little bracelet from the leftover ranunculus that weren’t incorporated into the crown.  She’s holding it in her hand below.

Thank you for all of your votes last week!  I appreciate your support!  Please head to Project Run and Play and vote for your favorite look again this week!



4 Replies to “Project Run and Play Week 2: Greenery”

  1. I love your head piece and the little details with the necklace and the pearls on the skirt. Such nice little touches. Your photography puts me to shame! Beautiful images!


  2. I have a daughter named Fern, so I am partial to your headpiece! I also love everything woodsy, and think the mossy necklace is such a great addition to your outfit. Lovely dress of course as well!


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