Project Run and Play Week 3: Boho

Thanks to all of your support, I’m back here for week 3 of Project Run and Play!



The weather has been the worst over the last couple of months.  Even in MARCH, it’s been snowing off and on, and when it does warm up, it’s just been rain and more rain.  Coming from someone in Seattle, you should understand that when we complain about rain, it’s because it’s been raining for 2 weeks straight.  We have had 28 days of overcast skies and cold, windy days.  I’m ready for spring!  All of that to say, please excuse the rain my boho shoot.  It was the only day I could take my photos and it had finally warmed up to 42F.  She’s a trooper.


So, about my look!  Boho has changed so much over the years!  My look has some modern and some vintage.  To start with, I made a drafted a mini dress in swiss dot.  The extra full sleeves and hemline are hemmed using a narrow 1/8″ hem.  The bodice curves up and the hemline is longer in the front and shorter on the sides.  The fun hemlines and playing with subtle curves is one of my favorite things about modern boho.


To add a little more interest to the neckline, I made a couple of matching tassles and hand stitched them to the center bodice.


The self drafted vest is designed to hang open, with no closures.  I lined it in a metallic floral and top stitched it with metallic thread (unfortunately, neither photographed real well so you’ll have to take my word for it.)  The outer vest is made from patchwork denim.


The most fun thing about boho is the accessories.  I found these amazing sunglasses which fit the theme so perfectly, I had to snatch them up.


The purse was also a fun addition, I think, but someone decided to put a couple of drinks in it and it was too heavy and kept pulling her dress up, so I only got a couple of photos with it lol

A few more shots from this week’s look.  Miss B says this is her favorite and the most “fashionable” thing I’ve made her.




Don’t forget to vote for your favorite look at Project Run and Play!


5 Replies to “Project Run and Play Week 3: Boho”

  1. You nailed boho and 2 of my granddaughters want those boots! The dress gets that ethereal feel that boho rocks. And the vest adds the folkish or peasant appeal. Maybe I am just an old hippie but this would be my glad rag outfit.


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