Project Run and Play : Signature Style

I never imagined that I would be sharing this signature look with you all!  I am so excited to be here for the last round of Project Run and Play!


If you look through my blog posts, you’ll definitely notice how much I love sewing with blue.  Even though green is my favorite color, I seem to gravitate toward blue when buying fabrics (Over 1/3 of my stash is varying shades of blues).  So, I chose this hand dyed indigo cotton from Alison Glass for my dress.  Because it’s hand dyed, there are some lighter/darker places in the fabric.  I love to use fabric with character and  I often pick chambray or shot cotton because I love how the warp and weft are different which adds dimensionality to piece.

The dress was self drafted and features a deep V back and a side zipper.  I wanted it to be snug to really accentuate the full skirt and give that 50’s silhouette that I love.

Because I love embroidery, I knew I needed to add it to my signature piece.  The bodice is hand hand embroidered with a dark rain cloud and rainbow rain drops and flowers.  I chose pastel colors because I wanted the embroidery to look like part of the fabric.

I also sewed up a petticoat to wear under the dress to add a bit of volume.  I used batiste so it’s not real stiff and gives a subtle silhouette instead of the in your face look I went for with Greenery week.


Thanks for all of your support this month!  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite look at Project Run and Play.



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