Inspiration: Muttonchop Top and Pretty Pinnie pdf Patterns


UDATE*  Pattern now available here and here

The Muttonchop Top pattern, and it’s name are inspired by the leg o’ mutton sleeves that were popular in the Victorian era.  Some of those sleeves were HUGE!  I needed mine to be more modern because, even though I love a good costume, I prefer pieces that can be worn anywhere.

Milu Forest Leg o mutton sleeveI liked how this sleeve was pieced and decided to go with that style for my pattern.  Having a pieced sleeve also keeps taping down and helps save on fabric.  The ruffles at the neck and sleeve were sweet as well, but maybe a bit over the top for the every day look I was hoping to achieve.  So my ruffles are very small to give just a hint of femininity without looking like a costume.

That high neckline would go great under a pinafore!  Pinafores have been around for ages, even in Victorian times, but since my blouse was more modern, I decided to go more modern with my pinafore inspiration.

I love pinafores (Who doesn’t?) and their sweet ruffled girlishness, but I decided to go with something sleeker, more sophisticated? for a lack of better word.  These two above, with their clean lines, were exactly what I was looking for.  The paneled one on the right would be perfect for older girls who, so often, associate ruffles with babies.  The one on the left with the sweet cap sleeves was too cute not to include as well a simple ruffled version.  But no big ruffles here, a slim, straight, narrow ruffle all down the front that even an older girl will appreciate.  It perfectly mimics the ruffle on the Muttonchop Top for a cohesive look.

You can pick up your copies now in the shop!


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