Adjusting a Pattern: Adding a Snap Placket to Rompers


How to add a snap placket to any romper or shorts.

Adding a snap placket is an easy way to make a romper a bit more diaper friendly.  Here is a quick tutorial on how to add a placket to any pattern in your library.

Right sides together, pin the romper fronts together along the rise.  Finish the seam using your desired method and press flat.  Repeat for the romper backs.

step 1

Right sides together, pin and sew the romper fronts to the backs along the outseam.  Finish this seam using the desired method and press toward the back.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 9.59.34 AM

If not using a Duchess & Hare pattern, follow your pattern’s instructions for hemming or making an elastic casing.

For most Duchess & Hare patterns:  Fold the leg over 1/4” and press.  Then fold another 1/2” and press.  Edgestich right along the fold to make an elastic casing.  Measure your child’s leg and cut a 1/4″ wide piece of elastic that size.  Thread leg elastic through and baste it in place at the edges.  Repeat for other leg.  You can skip the elastic for a regular shorts romper.

Step 3

Now, measure the width of your crotch, add 1″ and cut two pieces of fabric that width by 2 1/4″.  These will be your snap plackets.

Iron a piece of interfacing to the wrong side of the snap placket, then fold the snap placket in half down the center and press.  Fold one edge over 1/2 and press.  Repeat for other placket.

step 4

Fold the placket in half to find the center and mark it with a pin.  Lining the center of the placket up with the center seam in the shorts, pin and sew the right side of the unironed edge of the placket to the wrong side of the romper.  Press the seam down.  Repeat for other placket.

step 5


Fold the sides of the placket around the elastic and press.  Repeat for other placket

step 6

Fold along the pressed folds to encase the raw edges of the romper in the placket.  Edgestitch right along the fold to secure the placket.  Repeat for other placket.  Apply snaps. 

step 7
Continue following the pattern’s directions to attach the bottoms.

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