Lowrider and Every Which Way Showcase

Over the last few blog posts, I’ve been showing you how to modify patterns to get the most out of your purchase.  With just a few patterns, you can get a practically infinite wardrobe.




This adorable top is a sleeveless Every Which Way (buy here) with a button front.  Annie shortened the top to show off the Pucker Up shorts (buy here).  To get this look, make up your bodice and try it on.  Then measure from the bottom to where you want the top to end.  Add 2″ to that measurement and cut out your new skirt piece and continue following the directions.  You can do either button front or button back.  Follow the  tutorial (here) to learn how to hack the pattern and make it button up the front.




This absolutely adorable Every Which Way (buy here) is made by simply following the tutorial on the blog post (here).  No modifications made besides that.  To get this look use the long bodice, and the gathered short sleeve and follow the tutorial to make it a button front!  Easy Peasy!  Marieke blogged about her dress here.

DSC_0108 (3)



In the last blog post (here), I talked about how to hack any pattern for color blocking or adding in ruffles.  I LOVE this lowrider ( buy here) in plaid!




Here’s a darling version of Lowrider (buy here).  Would you believe that no mods are needed except adding a band at the bottom of the bodice and at the sleeve?  Colleen added the long sleeve from Every Which Way (buy here) to Lowrider.  She then added fold back cuffs to the end of the sleeve and a band at the bottom of the Lowrider bodice.  ALL in knit, but no modifications to the actual pattern were needed!  I’m going to give this a try for my daughter.




Annie made another Lowrider in knit with no mods except adding the gathered long sleeve from Every Which Way!  This looks so comfy in knit and super easy without any mods needed.




Another adorable Lowrider with no mods needed.  Just throw on the flutter from Every Which Way!  This is so feminine and sweet with the chiffon skirt.




Annie made this Sleeveless Every Which Way with a lace overskirt.  She shortened the underskirt by 1.5″ and added a ruffle to the bottom.  Then she cut the top skirt the same length as the shortened skirt.  Another darling detail are the pintucks.  You can learn to make them on this blog post (here)

Thank you, ladies for such creative samples!  I appreciate all the work you put in to make this inspiration blog post.

Best of all, you can get all of these looks with Lowrider and Every Which Way which are sale now.  Buy the bundle here.  Sale ends on August 22nd.


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