Bees Knees Wide Bib Tutorial


While I love the narrower bib on Bee’s Knees, I do know that some people might prefer an option with more coverage. Well, I’ve got you…covered! The tutorial already includes some diagrams to help you through the steps, but I thought photos would be handy too.

You can either trim 1/2″ off of the sides OR you can sew up the bib along all three sides. The benefit of trimming is that you won’t have as much bulk, but either way works.

To get started, you’ll need a copy of the Bee’s Knees Pinafore. You can purchase it here.

Trim off 1/2″ from each side of the bib.
Right sides together, pin and sew the bib together along the top.
Press seam toward lining and understitch.
Fold the seam allowance of the main strap 1/2″ to the wrong side. Repeat for other strap.
Gather the flutter according to step 2 in the tutorial
Pin and sew the wrong side of the flutter to the right side of the lining.
Press the seam toward the inside of the strap.
Right sides together, pin and sew the unfolded edge of the main strap to the strap lining with the bib sandwiched between. Line up all of the raw edges.
At the end of the strap, turn and sew along the short edge, then turn again and sew down another 2″ or so right along the folded line. Trim the corners.
Here is what the strap should look like.
Turn the strap right side out keeping the folded edge folded under. Carefully pin in place all along the strap and edge stitch.
Now you have pretty strap. Repeat the strap steps for the other side.

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