Sweetheart Dress Inspiration

In case you hadn’t noticed, puff sleeves and sweetheart necklines are everywhere. I’ve seen them in every store from women’s clothing to baby sections. I have to admit, I love them. I also love a sweetheart neckline. There is something so feminine and delightful about it. I’ve done the sweetheart neckline a few times in the past and we all know that I am not afraid of a true vintage puff sleeve.

When I saw this vintage pattern, I fell in love and I knew that I needed to do something inspired it. That shirring and puff sleeve were so on trend. What’s old is new again, eh?

Simplicity Pattern 2982 is darling the way it is, but I wanted to modernize it. So, I kept the elements I loved like the puff sleeves and the shirred waist and made it new by adding that sweetheart neckline and drafting it for knits. I kept in mind all of the modern inspiration above and melted it all together to bring you Sweetheart.

I updated the puff sleeve a bit by slimming it down and lengthening it a bit. While I love the big silhouette, I do know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Below are darling tester versions with the elbow length gathered sleeve followed by the short length.

Sweetheart pattern with shirred waist and gathered elbow sleeve
Sweetheart pattern with shirred waist and short gathered sleeves

I’m going to let you in on a secret. My daughter does not care for gathered sleeves. Not at all, so I let her help pick an alternate sleeve for the dress and I really love what she came up with. The angel sleeve falls so beautifully in knit and really compliments the neckline.

Sweetheart pdf pattern with shirred waist and elbow length angel sleeve.
Sweetheart dress with empire waist and short angel sleeve

As usual, there are options. Each sleeve comes in two lengths, short and elbow length PLUS there is an option to not shirr the waist. That means you can make 8 unique dresses from this one single pattern.

This pattern will be available on February 5th at duchessandhare.com

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