Get More Mileage with Mix and Match Patterns

I’m sure most of you have heard of Every Which Way by now and that’s because it’s amazing. It’s a super basic little pattern but it includes all of the building blocks you need to make just about anything you want. It has several add ons and can mix and match with other patterns in the shop.

Learn about all the pattern pieces that come with Every Which Way

Sewing Pattern Cover with picture of little girl in vintage long sleeve dress and line drawings of 8 different dresses.  Every Which Way Dress pattern.

Every Which Way, on it’s own offers over 140 different unique dresses from it’s parts and pieces. If that weren’t versatile enough, I designed it so that it can mix and match with several other patterns in the shop and it has several add on or complimentary patterns.

The Button Front Add on gives you a button front bodice plus an adorable little cap sleeve and a V neckline.

Now we’re getting over 200 different dresses!

This Plastron Add On provides 5 different removable plastrons for Every Which Way. This includes an adorable full length pinafore with tie sides. Plus, all but the half plastron are reversible!

The last one made just for Every Which Way is this darling button panel. It comes with the embroidery designs in several sizes. You can use the panels as removable embellishments to the front of Every Which Way, as pockets or you can use the embroidery alone.

We are just scratching the surface on this versatile pattern! Well Rounded, Double Dutch, and Every Which Way patterns can share collars.  Mix and match the long bodice skirts from Every Which Way and Double Dutch.  All of the sleeves are interchangeable and can be added to Lowrider!  Between these styles, you can make a full wardrobe and never have a repeat.

Shop the Mix and Match Category here.

Every Which Way and Lowrider layered for a fun vintage look.

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