Free Dress Pattern with Shoulder Frills

Today, I’m sharing a pattern with you FOR FREE!! I’ve had this kicking around my drafts folder for ages and it brought me joy to finish it up. Now, I hope to bring you some joy too!

This Dress has a curved bodice for a cute subtle hi lo look. It also has ruffles sewn into bodice seams and is fully lined. You can add a second set of ruffles but they won’t be enclosed. I suggest adding these before sewing the bodice to the lining.

The bodice has a cute yoked look to it because of the curved bodice. This is based on a dress I drafted for Project Run and Play and again for a Knock This Off blog post back in 2017. I love that short little bodice but I also love a simple an easy to draft skirt. So I blended the two and now this is a cute hi lo dress!

Since I already had What’s the Scoop drafted and it also had a curved bodice, I decided to start there and it came with bonus seams for flounces! Again for simplicity, I went with ruffles, which are adorable in their own right.

This is a size 2. The Hi Lo is more pronounced in bigger sizes.
Button Back with skirt placket

This would be adorable with my free at last shorts. You can turn them into bloomers by adding elastic to the leg cuffs!(click here for free at last)

Are you ready for your free dress pattern? It comes in 8 different sizes!! and it will fit chests 20″-27″ (or bigger because it has decent ease) Download the free frill shoulder dress pattern by clicking here

This pattern does not have a traditional tutorial, but it does have a list of instructions for construction. If you’ve ever sewn a dress, you should have no difficulty putting this together. If you’re new to sewing, you may wish to use another tutorial to help you with basic construction of a bodice.

SewPDF posted a video tutorial on Youtube for the construction of this dress.
Check out the video here

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